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Welcoming the Solstice

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

It's the season to....relax

Today I found myself decluttering and space clearing. As i’m in the Northern hemisphere I was aware that this time is one of going inward and releasing. It’s also the holiday season and so it can be easy to overdo it. I feel the energies build up in the months prior. The increased desire to spend, to socialise and connect with loved one, to eat sugar and rush around ticking demands off lists. Today I decided to take it easier than usual. In fact I’ve decided to to allow winter to be a time of rest, renewal and relaxation as much as possible. I am aware that it is the internal slave driver that pushes us to do more and then when we show up for others we are stressed and frazzled.

I am noticing how much others are struggling. Yet instead of jumping in and trying to ‘save’ them, as I habitually did, I am letting them know I am here, whilst I slow down and do less. If they do need a hand I will then be more present and not in such a hurry to ‘solve’ the crisis. I am letting go of the need to people please. Putting my needs as my top priority is uncomfortable as it feels selfish. I know this is not the case and that this belief was what led me to burnout many years ago. As a single parent, in a caring profession, rushing around after anyone in need did not leave me anything for myself. That was my choice and it took its toll. Now I choose to create healthy boundaries so I don’t need to get sick, tired and resentful.

Choose you

You've all heard the analogy to 'put your own oxygen mask on first'. Let's not wait until it's an emergency.

Anyway, I thought I would suggest some ways to clear your space and help let go of any real or perceived burdens. Energetically it is helpful to do this regularly. Are there objects that can go to charity? Things that are broken that need to go in the recycling or be fixed? As you clean up notice what can also be straightened up and put in order; like books, papers, shoes. Get into the corners that don’t get a regular dust. Then, with the windows open and the music on, use a clearing method of your choice. People favour sage, palo santo, mugwort, frankencense, amongst others (it’s good to be aware that some of these are being over harvested and affecting indigenous peoples rituals, so considered looking in to that before purchasing).

With that being said burn your favoured incense and waft around all the nooks and crannies of your living space, including cupboards. If you don’t want the smoke you can use your hands to clap into corners and shift the energy too. High vibrational music helps fill the space as you clear. Set intentions of what you want to release; old lovers, pain, worries, bills, the whole of 2019, and then call in the hopes and dreams you want to bring towards you for 2020. This can be done together or seperately. The Solstice might feel more conducive to letting go and New Year to calling in. It’s up to you. Either way let yourself off the hook as you look at your to do list. What can you cut? Where can you carve out space for yourself? What feels like a demand and what feels like a choice? What do you want to let go of right now so that 2020 really is a new beginning?


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