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Inter-Generational Trauma

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In the one minute silence of Remberance day we acknowledge those who lost their lives but what about those they left behind?

I’ve been talking to two clients this week about their children suffering inter-generational trauma. Millennials and younger seem to have been dubbed the snowflake generation (due to the idea of being soft and wet I assume).

The previous generations whether Gen X, baby boomers or older seem to have suffered immense traumas in bucket loads. Today of all days we remember them and that’s the key. There was not a space to talk about the trauma when coming back from war (or for the families where they didn’t come back).

If you’ve heard of epigenetics or not it’s the study of energy (such as trauma) being past through the genes. An example is with holocaust survivors and the preceding generations carrying the weight of that past.

This was what I discussed with the parents this week who were trying to understand how their children were struggling so much despite a much gentler, more loving and less traumatic upbringing than their own and that of their parents.

It’s possible, and highly likely in my opinion, that these children and these ‘sensitive’ generations are expressing the long held and suppressed traumas from previous generations. Knowing this isn’t theirs, and that’s why it seems so hard to overcome, is very helpful to the healing process.

Once we understand that not all the energy we carry is ours we can give permission for it to go. What we are left with can then be our focus and much less overwhelming to deal with.

Today’s issues around environment, housing, health, work etc, that are all too real, can be addressed without the burden of the past. Future generations are buckling under the weight of legacies they’ve inherited. Clearing the energy of that allows them to stand in their power, reclaim their energy and feel motivated to make the changes they wish to see.

What are you carrying that’s not yours and how would it feel to let it go now?

If you’d like to experience the lightness of a healing meditation where you (or your child) learns to release the past please contact me.


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