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Self Love

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Meeting yourself is the journey into self love

In honour of Valentines Day I have been featured in a blog on self love. To read the full article go to the link here.

What fun would your inner child choose if you asked?

In my healing journey I have discovered self love is intrinsically linked to the inner child. When I first began reading self help books I realised I could not feel or access what it meant to love myself. So I would hear and read that ‘I must love myself before anyone else could love me’ but didn’t know where to start.

Twenty five years later I actually think I have cracked it. Or at least I have felt it. Self love for me has not been automatic and many times I fall back into unloving behaviours and thoughts. However, I now know how to access the love within and get myself back to balance.

This I have learnt through meditation and healing. Connecting with my inner child so she feels safe, nurtured, loved, wanted, heard and understood. Sitting with my pain, fears, questions and insecurities and not turning away. Refusing to ignore her and drown her out with external stimuli. Taking a deep dive into the shadows and letting her know she is not alone even when she is scared and lonely. Soothing her with my touch, my voice and my inner sight.

If this is something you would like to be guided with, to help heal your inner child and experience what self love feels like, please do contact me for a session here.


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