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Feng Shui Myths and Legends

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Breaking through the misinformation and getting clarity on how to apply this ancient tradtion in modern life

What is feng shui?

I find alot of misinformation and superstition out there around this. As a feng shui Consultant that has studied for years, with various teachers around the globe, some of the things I read make me laugh. So in this blog I’ll stick with what I’ve learnt and what rings true for me and my clients. I will say that feng shui is metaphysical, therefore it uses symbols. Let those symbols resonate with you. If two manadrin ducks mean nothing to you don’t use them as a symbol of love. If hearts do, use those. It’s your home or business, so use symbology that works for you! Feng Shui is 1000’s of years old so what resonated in ancient China might not for you, in your culture, in the 21st Century. That’s ok. It will still work!

“Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm”- Carl Jung

So feng shui translates as ‘wind’ and ‘water’ due to the flow of energy (‘chi’) that is created by enhancing your space, as well as negating any harmful energy (‘sha chi’). Imagine a building having specific energy based on when it was built, just like we do when we are born. According to Chineses Metaphysics we have three areas of luck – heaven, earth and human. Heaven represents that with which we are born with (e.g our astrology chart), earth luck is the invisible energy within our environment (feng shui) and human luck is that which we create and the concious choices we make. This is something I love about this school of thought as we are seen as not merely pawns of fate, nor are we completley alone and at the mercy of our choices. Using the tools and techniques within feng shui allows you to utilise the energy of your space and create even more in your life by allowing the energy to flow, moving you forward and creating the changes you want to see in your life.


One of the tools commonly used is the bagua, and this is one of the only ones I recommend using from a book or the internet. Yes there could still be misleading advice but it is the most accurate and easy to follow. I would advise ignoring anything else and getting a professional in. There are so many schools of thought and it can get very complicated and confusing (and as I have said even misleading). The way to accurately use the bagua is to find the centre of the building and superimpose it over the floorplan. You will need a compass to find the directions. You can then focus on enhancing rhese areas based on your priorities.

Wu Xing

Feng Shui uses the 5 elements cycle (just like Tradtional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu do). There are cycles that create or destroy and this feeds in to how the chi flows through the building (or your body when it comes to the meridians). This is something I look at when analysing your Chinese astrology chart (Ba Zi) as well as your Flying Stars (within your environment). It is all about creating more balance and harmony within and without.

Getting started

A great place to start with feng shui is by decluttering, fixing, spring cleaning and decorating, I take the time from New Year, on January 1st, until the shift of energy, according to feng shui, on February 4th to do this. I find it feels more natural at the time of Imbolic to spring in to action, than it does whilst still fully in the deep, dark winter. However, any time you do it is a great way to start. Have a look at the 8 areas of the bagua and notice where is cluttered or shabby. Does that corrolate with whats going on in your external life? An example is a client I had in Italy whose North East of knowledge was cluttered with at least 50 pairs of shoes. This area is the most important area to have clear as it is actually about our inner self. I asked her if she felt ‘walked on’ by her children and visitors (as most of the shoes were theirs). She looked at me with a ‘how did you know’ glance. I knew because I could see the evidence in front of me.

Remember the beginning of this blog when I asked you to think metaphorically? Well now you know the basics of feng shui have a go yourself and let me know what you discover. I look forward to hearing about any shifts in both your external and internal worlds.


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