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How to Create More Flow in Your Life

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Allowing ourselves to have a moment amongst the overwhelm of our modern lifestyles.

When modern life seems to overwhelm us and we have the urge to push through, that is the time to stop and let go. We have been taught that to be successful and achieve our goals we must always be doing. That is the yang nature of modern life, it’s what we’ve been programmed to do. Our yin energy is rarely given the space and respect it needs. So many people in the western world are stressed and enroute to burnout because of this. It is the epidemic of our 21st Century, 24-hour lifestyle. Whether it is insomnia, depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, ADHD, cancer or any of the other myriad conditions we are suffering from.

'Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water' - Lao-Tzu

I’m here to say that you cannot push your boat upstream and if you try it will wear you out. Taking time to slow down, focus on your breath and turn your boat around are some of the most nourishing and productive actions you can take. Or lets call them non-actions or non-doing.

Mindfulness is the art of being

In my practise I look at the whole body and energy system of my clients. Through life coaching, energy healing, meditation and feng shui I help people create more flow in their body, mind, home, work, and life as a whole.

Stress, tension, trauma and drama can all contribute to constriction, blocks, limiting beliefs and potential ill health. Whether that’s eating food that disrupts our digestion or fearful thoughts that restrict our breathing. These have consequences when left unchecked over long periods of time, and can result in serious conditions manifesting.

Notice right now where you are tensing up in the body. Is it the shoulders, the jaw, the breath? Or the mind? Notice is it racing on to the next thing or are you fully present reading this? Are you looking forward to your day, week, life or are you living someone elses dream? It can feel soul destroying. I know. I used to be in middle management stuck behind a computer all day. It was my idea of a nightmare and it made me sick!

How about your home or office? Is it disorganised? Is it bland or does it reflect your personality? Are you surrounded by things that you don’t use or that are broken?

How are your family and/or team relationships going? Is the communication flowing well or are there issues festering and you’re secretly (or obviously) seething about something unspoken. Maybe you feel the atmosphere is off but you’re not sure why.

Every part of our life has a knock on effect. When you exercise your body it elevates your mood. When you declutter your home the chi (energy) flows better. When you do what lights up your soul you have more enthusiasm. When you breathe deeply your mind relaxes and its easier to sleep.

So if you’re feeling like your life is stuck or stagnant. If its moving too fast or too slow. Take an inventory. Slow down. Taking the time to get to know yourself at each new stage in your life, by listening to your inner guidance, will help you decide where you really want to go. Are you just following the herd or are you tapped in to your intuition?

I work with my clients through guided visualisations (hypnotherapy) and healing meditation to clear limiting beliefs, blocks, programming and any areas of stuckness in their body and energy fields. This results in more energy, shifts of perspectives, guided actions and a connection with the deepest, most authentic part of who they are.

Ways you can allow the bodys energy to flow better is daily exercise, whether its yoga, walking, swimming or anything that allows you to be fully present.

For women menstrual cycle awareness and seed cycling are great tools to support your energy. On the first day of bleeding it is our most yin and receptive time. A time for quiet reflection. At ovulation this is our most outgoing time, so socialising and networking are more suited. I use the app Period Tracker to chart my cycle and block off at least a day before my first bleed and the day my period begins. These are my ‘rest’ days where I stop all the giving and allow myself to receive. Whether that’s more support (incuding asking for help) or putting down some of the balls I’m juggling (so I’ve got a spare hand for the raw chocolate).

Let go

'Breathing in, I calm my body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment' - Thich Nhat Hanh

Most importantly for everyone is the breath. Notice it now. Is it high up in your chest or down in the belly? Is it slow or fast? The breath is your constant source of flow. When we’re stressed it becomes constricted. Slowing down and taking time to notice it throughout the day will help you become more mindful as to what’s going on inside. Your emotions are messages trying to get your attention. If you don’t listen they start shouting!

Many people don’t consider their souls needs. I see the soul like an inner child as it loves meditation, fun, joy, and the pursuit of childhood dreams and goals, creativity and nature. When did you last acknowledge your inner child within? Are you following your passions?

For home and business to feel balanced one of the feng shui tools I use is the bagua. When placed over a map of our environment it helps you see what areas may need attention. Stand in the centre of your home/office and as you look around now what areas are cluttered or uninspiring? What could you do to change that?

Create change

Choose one new habit and do it regularly. Notice how it makes you feel before you add another or try something new.

Allow the boat to move downstream. Don’t fight against it. If you feel like you’re bashing your head against a brick wall or you’ve lost your passion, stop and turn your boat around. Maybe its stuck on the bank and you need to ask for help to get a push off the side. Use your oars when you want more yang action and direction, but not needlessly. Just to navigate your direction, so you reach your goals, while allowing life to support you.

The more you come back to yourself by regularly switching off from technology, the media, others demands and agendas and your to do list, the more in flow you’ll be. Through mindfulness and breath awareness notice and acknowledge your flow state. Notice any blocks or old emotions and where your energy levels are at.

Flow with your cycle, the weather and the seasons. Allow nature, loved ones and your team to support you. Everyone needs an inner circle, but you know yourself best, and if that doesn’t ring true for you what can you do to make it so? You are in charge of your own life. So let go of what (and who) you can’t control and focus on your inner state as a priority. Acknowledge the needs of your mind, body and soul. In the silence you’ll hear the messages they have for you and then you really will know what inspired action to take.


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