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Leah Dixon

I would love to work with you and your family to help create more ease, joy, fun, harmony and connection. As a single parent of a grown up child I know the challenges that can come along and disrupt the hopes and dreams you may have had of family life.

For me it was a struggle working whilst raising a child with multiple allergies on my own. This led to my deepening journey into holistic health and healing.


I was practising yoga and meditation before I became pregnant. Then I found myself adrift from the medical establishment when my daughter had a severe reaction to nuts. When tested we were told she had to avoid nuts, grass, trees, dust, cats, horses, dairy, gluten and sesame. As a keen problem solver that was not good enough for me so I set out on a mission to bring my daughter back to full and balanced health. It wasn’t just her that needed healing, as I was completely stressed out with carrying so much on my own, and the demands of home and work.


I have trained in many healing modalities over the last 25 years, alongside teaching and managing in SEN schools and colleges. These helped us both live a happier, healthier and more balanced family life and I am keen to use my work to create this for you.

I now work full time in my holistic health and well-being practise based in London both face to face, over the phone and online.

I specialise in clearing emotional, physical, mental and behavioural issues by tuning in to you and/or your child/teens energy and your/their specific needs. I work holistically through coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, energy healing, body processes, yoga, mindfulness (and more).

By clearing energies that are blocking you or your child’s abilities you/they are able to learn, focus, regulate emotions and enjoy work, play and learning more. This benefits the entire family by creating more harmony in the home and concentration at school or work.


I have worked in SEN since 1997 both in mainstream and specialist schools and colleges. I began teaching yoga and meditation at the BBC, to staff, and in SEN provisions, to students, in 2004 and saw the amazing benefits available no matter what the level of ability.

I focus on the potential you and your child hold rather than the limitations that may have been holding you/them back. In my work with children/teens I have treated and supported those with Autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, social phobias, eating disorders, self harming, allergies, other learning difficulties as well as social, emotional and behavioural issues.


In my work with adults I tune in to the root cause of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, addictions or whatever the symptoms are and clear, heal and release the energy causing them. This may be past trauma, family/cultural programming, limiting beliefs or even karma and/or spiritual contracts.


I have treated and supported those with addictions, phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, back pain, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, money and relationship worries and more.

I always focus on releasing the potential within each person I work with and facilitating transformation in whichever areas of life are a priority to you.

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“Leah has been amazing to have on board supporting our family.  She seeks to empower and it’s refreshing for us all to work with her as she is truly ‘present’ and works energetically and very practically to help us overcome obstacles and work through negative influences that disempower.


Leah really cares through a holistic person-centered approach and is a strong advocate for our individual needs. The impact of the Feng Shui has been incredibly beneficial for helping to restore and revitalise our living space.  


Her support has been invaluable which in turn is helping to strengthen us as individuals as well as a family. Leah is an attentive holistic coach; we have been learning so much; she is truly helping us in our goals to transform our lives with clarity of purpose. She effortlessly combines the practice of Yoga, mediation, mindfulness, creative visualisation, Feng Shui and nutrition. Leah’s support and wisdom helps to sustain us.” 

—  The Augusta Family,

Mother with two boys on the autism spectrum, PDA and OCD